Butterflies / Moth / Dragon compiled by Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

S.NO. Common Name Scientific Name Wingspan Remarks
1 Common Rose Pachliopta aristolochiae 80-100 mm Food preference flowers of lantana, zinnia, cosmos
2 Crimson Rose Pachliopta hector 90-110 mm Common after monsoons and cooler seasons.
3 Common mormon papilio polytes 90-100 mm The female is a batesian mimic of common rose and crimson.
4 Tailed Jay Graphium Agamenon 85-100 mm found in forests usually,  but also in habitats with cultivated food plants.
5 lime butterfly papilio Demoleus 80 - 100 mm Food preference flowers of citrus, radish, curry leaf, lantana.
6 Common bluebottle Graphium sarpedon    
7 Spot swordtail Graphium nomius    
8 Blue mormon papiplio polymnestor    
9 common leopard phalanta phalantha    
10 Common / lemon emigrant catopsilia pomona 55 - 80 mm Food preference flowers of lantana, indian laburunum & flame of the forests.
11 Mottled / African Emigrant catopsilia pyranthe 50 - 70 mm found insemi-arid and arid regions.
12 Three-spot Grass Yellow Eurema blanda 40 - 50 mm Food preference acacis sp, albizia sp.
13 Common jezebel Delias eucharis 65 -85 mm common during monsoon months, but is present throughout the year.
14 Pioneer or Caper white Anaphaeis aurota 40 - 55 mm Dry regions, grasslands, scrub, dry deciduous forests.
15 Common Wanderer pareronia valeria    
16 White orange Tip Ixias Marianne    
17 Yellow Orange Tip Ixias pyrene    
18 Psyche Leptosia  nina    
19 Common albatross Appias albina    
20 Chocolates albatross Appias lyncida    
21 Clouded Yellow Colias Croceus    
22 Tawny Coster Acraea violae 50 - 65 mm caterpillars are a serious pest on passsion fruit vines.
23 Danaid eggfly hypolimnas misippus 70-85 mm found inwooded areas,forests and near human habitation,not found in thick forests or in open grasslands.
24 painted lady cynthia cardui    
25 Great eggfly hypolimnas bolina    
26 Common sailer neptis hylas    
27 Common sergeant athyma perius    
28 Commander moduza procris    
29 Plain tiger Danaus chrysippus 70-80 mm  Adults feed on flowers of the milkweed family, of plants.they also visit flowers of lantana,cosmos and other herbs.
30 Common or striped tiger Danaus genutia 70-100 mm Larvae are found on plants belonging to the milkweed family.
31 Blue tiger Tiumala limniace 90 - 100 mm common during monsoon months.
32 Common indian crow Eupleoa core 85 - 95 mm Food preference lantana, gliricidia, jatropha , zinnia , etc.
33 Blue pansy junonia orythia 45-50 mm lantana, marigold, heliotrope.
34 Common bush brown mycalesis perseus 40 -55 mm food preference by adult : tree sap, rotting fruit, cow dung.
35 Common castor Ariadne merione    
36 Baronet or red baron Euthalia nais    
37 Yellow pansy junonia heirta    

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