Checklist of Snakes of Bandhavgarh - Compiled by Jagat Narain Chaturvedi

S.NO. Common name Scientific name Body size Eggs Food
1 Common sand Boa Gongylophis conicus 500-1000m.m. 20"-39"in. 6-8 youngs Rat , birds and lizards/non venomous /diurnal
2 Red sand Boa Eryx johnii 750-1000m.m.30"-39"in. 6-8 youngs Rat, small snake/ non venomous.
3 Common Cat Snake Boiga Trigonata 650-1250mm 26-49in. 3-10 eggs frog, Small birds,mice,worm./ mild venomous.
4 Spectacled Cobra Naja Naja 1000-2200mm 39-87in. 12-30 eggs Rat , Frog, birds, Snake./ Venomous/ diurnal ,nocturnal.
5 Monocled Cobra Naja Kauthia 1000-2300mm,39-91 in. 8-18 eggs Fish, Small birds, snake. / Venomous / Nocturnal .
6 Green Keelback Macropisthodon Plumbicolor 550-940mm.22-37 in. 8-14 eggs Frog. / non Venomous / dusk
7 Buff Striped Keelback Amphiesma stolatus 400-800mm,16-32 in. 5-15 eggs Insects,Frog, toads./ Non Venomous / diurnal.
8 Checkered Keelback Xenochrophis Piscator 600-1750mm.24-69 in. 90 eggs equatic life, Fish, frog ./Non Venomous /Nocturnal,diurnal
9 Dumeril's black-headed snake sibynophis sabpunctatus 250-460mm,10-18 in. 2-5 eggs worms, Snake,insects,Birds, rat./ Non Venomous.
10 Common krait Bungarus Caeruleus 1000-1750mm. 39-69 in. 8-12 eggs Rat, Frog,small snake, / Venomous/ Nocturnal.
11 Banded Krait Bungarus Fasciatus 1500-2250mm,59-89 in. 4-14 eggs eggs of Snakes,fish,Rat,/ Venomous/ Nocturnal
12 Russelli's Kukri snake Oligodon Tancniolatus 300-590mm 12-23 in. 3-9 eggs eggs,reptiles&amphibian./Non Venomous.
13 Common kukri snake Oligodon arnensis 350-700mm,14-28 in. 3-9 eggs Insects & Lizards./ Non Venomous.
14 Indian rock python python molurus molurus 3000-7620mm118-300in. 20-100 eggs warm blooded animals/ non venomous/ diurnal.
15 Indian Rat Snake Ptyas mucosa 2000-3500mm,79-138 in. 8-22 eggs Frogs, birdd,bat,young turtle./ non venomous
16 Banded racer Argyrogena Fasciolata 750-1347mm,30-53 in. 2-6 eggs Insects,frogs rat. / non venomous/
17 Common Trinket Snake Coelognathus helena helena 700-1680mm, 28-66 in. 6-12 eggs Insects , frogs, Rat, / non venomous/
18 Montane Trinket Snake Coelognathus h. monticollaris 1000mm.39 inches. 8-10 eggs Rat . / non Venomous/
19 Saw Scaled  Viper Echis Carinatus 300-500mm, 12-20 inches. 4-8 youngs Rat,Frogs,scorpion,Insects./ Venomous/
20 Russell's Viper Daboia russelli 1000-1800mm 39-71 inches 6-63 youngs Rat, burrowing animals,/ Venomous/ Nocturnal.
21 Common Vine-Snake Ahactulla nasuta 1000-2000mm.39-79 inches 23 youngs Frog,Small birds,rat, worm./ mild Venomous/
22 Brahminy worm snake Ramphotyphlops Braminus 125-230mm.5-9 inches 2-7 eggs Ants, small insects/ non Venomous.
23 Beaked Worm Snake Grypotyphlops actutus max.600 mm.24 inches.   Small Insects / Non Venomous.
24 Barred wolf Snake Eycodon striatus max.488 mm, 19 inches 2-4 eggs Lizards,, insects / Non Venomous / Nocturnal.
25 Common wolf snake Eycodon aulicus 300-800mm.12-32 inches 5-7 eggs lizards,, insects / Non Venomous / Nocturnal.

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